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Name of our organisation: Social, Cultural and Educational Association for Equal Opportunities for Vulnerable Youths (Roma and non-Roma) in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. Founded in 2002, the BHIM RAO Association is a non-profit organisation with high public interest status. Our main objective involves supporting Roma and non-Roma youths with multiple disadvantages in their access to primary, secondary and higher education, and to ensure that they achieve good results in these institutions.

Our Activities

The cultural development activities we provide and the social work we engage in are aligned to our main objective, and are organised and implemented in a manner to attain the key targets we have set.

The BHIM RAO Association supports the target group in receiving quality education and vocational training by organising training courses, cultural and extra-curricular activities; contacting educational institutions and supporting the group’s empowerment.

We oppose all forms of discrimination and segregation. The organisation’s strategic aim relates to implementing complex programs, which not only reach the widest possible scope of disadvantaged youths, but help lift whole families out of poverty by ensuring that children complete secondary-level education, learn a trade and obtain professional qualifications, in order to build an educational system that prevents the reproduction of employment disadvantages in Roma society.