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First Time at Lake Balaton – Camp for Flood Victim Children (2010.07.05.)

Although not every child in Fonyód was licking an ice-cream, they were all smiling and most of them immediately began to dance as soon as they began to play Gypsy music.

However, the background of these children is by no means as bright. Most of the children from Szendrőlád did not arrive to the camp from home, but instead from the local school gymnasium where they sought refuge after their homes were devastated by the floods.

The Bhim Rao Association rushed to their help by sending over 20 children to a camp in Fonyód to help Gypsy families devastated by the floods.  

Marietta Forgács visited the children at Lake Balaton, where she talked to the children in the company of Norbert Káló project manager and Zsolt Lakatos organiser