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School Study Hall Network Launched in the Micro-Region of Edelény

School Study Hall Network Launched in the Micro-Region of Edelény A regional school study hall network integrating disadvantaged and multiply disadvantaged children, with a special focus on Roma children, has been set up in 5 municipalities in Borsod-Abaúj Zemplén County qualifying as most disadvantaged settlements from EU funding amounting to 150,00,000 HUF within the framework of the project bearing the title Treasure Island. 

TREASURE ISLAND PROJECT, REGIONAL SCHOOL STUDY HALL NETWORK LAUNCHED IN THE MICRO-REGION OF EDELÉNY In December 2010, the Bhim Rao Association in Szendrőlád launched the implementation of the project “Treasure Island – supporting quality education and encouraging life-long learning through culture to promote equal opportunity in the most disadvantaged micro-regions ” announced for the most disadvantaged micro-regions within the framework of the Social Renewal operational Programme of the New Hungary Development Plan. After the preparatory period, extra-curricula activities got underway on 1 March 2011 in the settlements of Edelény, Szendrőlád, Szendrő, Perkupa and Bódvaszilas.

The objective of this programme is to provide after-school activities for the 240 disadvantaged and multiply disadvantaged upper-grade primary school or high school students integrated in the programme and reduce the educational disadvantage this target group is exposed to. To reach this goal, teaching methods which help create a relaxed, family environment in the school study halls, raise the self-esteem of students and help these students experience things that are natural to their better-off classmates will be introduced. All the knowledge and expertise of the 31 outstanding teachers integrated in the programme from the region is needed to achieve this.

Beyond the activities organised at the various school study halls, educational orientation, drug prevention, cultural and recreational programmes are also being be organized. In addition to these, foreign language courses and computer training are equally prioritised.

Within the framework of this project, the 5 school study halls have been equipped with modern IT equipment, suitable furniture, games that can be used for recreational activities, as well as sports equipment, which help the work of the teachers and equally benefit the academic progress of the children integrated. This programme will finish in August 2012, as an outcome of which – as we hope – the educational failure and disadvantage these students experience will decrease and disappear, creating an opportunity for these students to continue their educational career in a high school or vocational high school.

For further information contact:

Károly Káló
Project Manager

Tel.: +36(30) 455-72-66

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