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North Hungary Regional Employment Centre

The Parliament of the Republic of Hungary amended the Employment Act last year, thereby establishing a new middle management agency of the Budapest and County Labour Centres: the Central (or National) Employment Office and the Public Employment Service. Our Office is the centre of the Service. This new agency was built on the basis of the former National Centre for Labour Research and Methodology (previously known as the National Labour Centre).

The act on the prevention of unemployment and unemployment provisions was adopted in 1991, after the political changes in Hungary. It was exactly 10 years ago that regional Labour Centres were created, supervising nearly 200 local job centres. The employment service has operated under the supervision of various ministries over the past decade, depending on the government structure of the time. Accordingly, the middle management organisation in charge of operational management has been transformed several times.

Therefore, a National Labour Centre was established in 1991, and carried out the traditional middle management tasks in accordance with the directives of the controlling ministry. A radical change occurred in 1996 when the National Labour Centre was terminated and a great part of its responsibilities was transferred to the controlling ministry.

So what had been a middle management body transformed into a research/methodology/IT centre without any substantial powers. However, it turned out in a few years that the strategic management required by the Government could not be combined appropriately in the Ministry with the operative responsibilities related to the functioning of the Labour Centres.
This is why the need arose to adopt the above act and to establish the new Office with appropriate powers. In conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we have already elaborated the division of powers and responsibilities.