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Borsod on the Road to Development

Borsod on the road to development

The aim of the conference series organised by the BHIM RAO Association in collaboration with the National Employment Foundation relates to reviewing programs already launched and planned, as well as measures taken by the Government to improve the training opportunities and access to information of disadvantaged and multiply disadvantaged residents in the region, alongside formulating recommendations representing the interests of these people in respect of making changes to such programs.

The Association endeavours to mediate between employment organisations with information on labour market demands, training institutions and potential training participants, as well as politicians involved in labour issues, the management of bodies responsible for managing various funds and non-profit organisations representing the interest of the population. This is why we organised this conference series at three different venues, namely, in Edelény, Sátoraljaújhely and Miskolc.

During the course of reconciling these trainings, our aim was to begin harmonising labour market demands and trainings in conjunction with employment centres and training institutions by consolidating local, micro-regional and county-level vocational and adult training opportunities and issuing opinions in connection with arising demands. Key considerations included improving access to information on training opportunities for non-profit organisation and developing information management techniques; improving access to information for disadvantaged and multiply disadvantaged social groups; initiating cooperation between training institutions and micro-regions; supporting activities undertaken by non-profit organisations and local governments and consolidating these, if required. Three information brochures providing detailed information on programs and trainings organised within the framework of this program were published as an outcome of this initiative.

Lecturers invited to the conference:

Nándor Gúr: Vice President of the Parliamentary Committee Employment and Labour Matters
Sándor Budai: Head of the Edelény Office of the North Hungary Regional Employment Centre
András Nun: associated employee of the Autonomy Foundation
István Csurár: associated employee of Promei Public Benefit Organisation - Roma Program Support Network
Béla Fehér: Headmaster of Don Bosco Primary School, Vocational School and Vocational Secondary School and Boarding School
Edit Rauh: State Secretary for Equal Opportunity at the Ministry of Social and Labour Affairs
Dr Andor Ürmös: Head of the Roma Integration Department at the Ministry of Social and Labour Affairs
Dr Csaba Stadinger: Deputy Director of the North Hungary Regional Employment Centre