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"Get into the Picture!" Program - HRDOP-2.3.2-05/1.-2005-10-0069/2.0

Project objectives:

Long-term (general) targets: improving the employability of inactive, permanently unemployed young people with low-level educational qualifications to prevent and reduce the risk of social marginalisation. 

- This program contributes to reducing the unemployment rate in the 16-25 age-bracket, as well as unemployment-related risks to which this age group is exposed to.

- Setting up cooperation among local institutional system players (non-profit, state and private organisations) to reach set targets.

Short-term (specific) targets

- Providing development-support services in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County accessible for 16-25 year-old young people aimed at the complex alternative labour-market integration of this age group, through which it is possible to reintegrate this age group in vocational education, as well as the labour market.

- Offering complex personal and psycho-social services equally aimed at reducing social arrears and disadvantages; supporting reintegration in the labour market; supporting labour-market adaptation by providing counselling adjusted to individual needs, personality development, developing key competencies and providing employment placement assistance and/or enrolment in trainings.   

- Inclusion, development and integration of young people excluded from employment and other support networks.

- By responding to individual needs, knowledge required to be able to function successfully in a community and study on a long-term basis, as well as skills required for obtaining employment equally improve.

- We have mapped and pinpointed employment places and vocational training programs listed in the National Training Register open to employing and training this target group.

- Young individuals take part in vocational trainings adjusted to their respective career plan.

- These young individuals find jobs that match their needs and abilities and adapt to the workplace environment.

As an outcome of this project, target group members experience that:

- they have more information about the employment market;

- their family relations and socio-cultural background impeding their employability can be tackled;

- they get a clear idea about who they are and what sort of employment fits them best or how to make adjustments to their employment career;

- their motivation to study and work strengthens;

- their key competencies demanded by the labour market improve.