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History Valley

1. Core Data:

Grant scheme: NHOP(North Hungary Operational Program)-2007-2.1.1./B-Development of Tourist Attractions

Beneficiary: Association of Settlements in Cserehát

Consortium Members:

Local Government of Boldva
Local Government of Borsodszirák
Bhim Rao Association, Szendrõlád
Local Government of Szendrő
Local Government of Komját
Local Government of Hidvégardó
Varga and Associates Ltd.

ID: NHOP-2.1.1./B-2f-2009-0014

Duration: 01.06.2010-31.05.2012

Total cost: 540,810,128 HUF

Rate of support: 465,254,112 HUF

This project is implemented with the help of the European Union through the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund.

2. The Project

2.1. Partners

The Association of Settlements in Cserehát encompasses 5 local governments (Boldva, Borsodszirák, Szendrõ, Komjáti and Hidvégardó), 1 non-profit organisation (Szendrőlád) and 1 business venture (Szinpetri), which organisations joined forces to implement this program by submitting an application in response to a call announced under the scheme NHOP-2007-2.1.1./B-Development of Tourist Attractions. An additional 4 settlements (Damak, Szalonna, Bódvaszilas and Tornaszentandrás) in which exhibition venues will be set up have also joined this partnership framework, alongside the Aggtelek National Park and the National Trust for Historical Monuments providing professional support, as well as cooperating civil society players. A total of 30 partners are collaborating to reach the common goals we have set. .

2.2. The Concept

Within the framework of this program resting on the concept that the historical heritage of the Bódva River and its surrounding valleys with a rich natural and historical heritage form a complex tourist attraction, where, alongside the host beneficiary, the seven settlements integrated as partners and an additional 4 settlements located along the thematic route form the target area of History Valley with the aim of offering tourists visiting the region insight into a particular historical era and a “time-travel” experience by presenting local heritage, as well as local products and specialities. The integration of authentic buildings, exhibitions always comprising interactive components, programs and events offering visitors the opportunity to actively participate, historical costumes, gastronomic specialities and souvenirs on offer in gift shops ensure a sound basis for reaching the desired impact.

According to the concept, it would be possible to extend the scope of History Valley to encompass all cultural and tourism programs offered in the Aggtelek-Edelény tourist destination region. Moreover, it would equally be possible to integrate cross-border regions.

2.3. Activities

1. Construction and renewal of buildings accommodating exhibitions; creating events venues

- Boldva – House of Friends
- Borsodszirák – House of Embroidery
- Szendrõlád - Roma Cultural Centre
- Szendrõ – Upper Castle Lookout
- Komjáti – Gate of Wonders
- Hidvégardó – Traditional house, Gedeon Manor House
- Szinpetri – Big Book, Paper Mill

2. Designing exhibitions, exhibiting interactive components

- 15 exhibitions focusing on history and culture

3. Setting up tourist reception, information and rest points

- 4 tourist inns and rest spots (1 in Boldva, 2 in Szendrõ, 1 in Hidvégardó)

4. Building the gateway to History Valley – construction of 2 symbolic gateways in Boldva and Hidvégardó

5. Fruit Trail – creating a hiking trail

6. Setting up an information system

- Signposts welcoming visitors to the settlement; direction signposts; information signposts; company signboards; investment signboards

- Interactive information points; 4 various pamphlets, PR film

7. Training employees responsible for operating the exhibitions venues and reception points and preparation of affiliated service providers
- 30 employees trained to operate and manage exhibitions.

- Settlement suitable for developing 10 thematic cultural tourism programs and partnership arrangements ensuring the opportunity to develop the complex range of programs.

8. Setting up the regional tourism destinations management

9. Training and employment within the framework of community business ventures

- Producer of herbs and medicinal plants; embroiderer; jewellery maker; hand made paper maker; costume sewer; cook; tour guide.

2.4. Results and anticipated impacts of the program

By implementing this program, our aim is to perceivable increase revenues generated from tourism in the region, in part directly through revenues generated from the services developed; however, mostly by contributing to increasing the turnover of connecting tourist services. We directly contribute to improving the income earning opportunities of people living in this region by increasing the number and relative income of families integrated in tourism services and indirectly through new services engendering the expansion of the local market.

Beyond economic objectives, new activities to be launched in the implementation phase aimed at offering a wider range of tourist attractions offer the opportunity to develop regional human resources, primarily creativity and environmental awareness, and support the wide scope dissemination of thinking promoting awareness and recognition of local values, which in turn has the potential to induce economic and social activities aimed at guiding the region towards a new development path.