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Promoting Social Inclusion by Training Professionals Working in the Social Field - 2008

"Promoting Social Inclusion by Training Professionals Working in the Social Field"
"For us–With us-Together"


The Cserehát Region was one of the biggest losers of the political changes that took place two decades ago. The vast majority of workplaces were lost at the beginning of the 90s after the socialist cooperatives and state companies operating in the region closed one after the other. Since there is no major industrial production activity in this region, most people living here worked in the agricultural sector before the collapse of the socialist regime. Mass migration from the region to the economically more fortunate regions of the country began during this period. Either land or forest owners engaging in wood industry activities, or people without economic resources or qualifications largely living off welfare remained in place. The vast majority of skilled or qualified people left the region, whilst most locals that opted to stay are unskilled, some of whom have not even finished primary school. This HRDOP (Human Resources Development Operational Program) project attempts to find breakout points mostly for people of Roma origin living in this disadvantaged region. Education is particularly important in a region where the second generation is now growing up by witnessing that their parents have never held any employment. It is necessary to induce a shift in approach in local youth with the help of this program; however, it is also necessary to create jobs in the region to be able to achieve this, because problems will not be resolved if young people that do manage to obtain qualifications leave the region.    

The BHIM RAO Association was approved funding within the framework of the HRDOP 2.2.1 scheme announced by the National Development Agency. A program aimed at providing training for professionals working in the social field in the multiply disadvantaged region of Cserehát will be implemented with the help of this funding.


Training program for professionals working in the social field

This is a training program that has set the target of facilitating the reintegration of disadvantaged persons working in the social field and training volunteers in Szendrőlád, which is one of the multiply disadvantaged settlements of the Micro-region of Cserehát, the most disadvantaged region in Hungary.


Objective of this scheme

Objectives include extending the scope of knowledge of volunteers and professionals working in the social field; developing their skills and abilities and setting up cooperation networks. In order to be able to increase the employment chances of disadvantaged groups, experts integrated in trainings should not simply pinpoint their primary needs, but need to prepare them and make them capable of adjusting to and integrating into the labour market. In relation to previous practice, the social field needs to better adjust to employment and training policies, whilst knowledge and skills required for increasing employment chances also need to link up with care work. Moreover, cooperation among sectors needs to strengthen to promote the social adjustment and labour market integration of disadvantaged groups. 


Individuals eligible to take part in trainings:

- Employees working at family and child welfare centres operating in the county; professionals working in the social field employed by local governments; volunteers from non-profit organisations working in/intending to work in the social field. 



- Complex personal development
- Social, lifestyle-related psycho-social counselling
- Personality, key-competency development training
- Career guidance, counselling
- Study methodology and intensive employment training
- Job search, employment counselling
- Anti-discrimination training
- Computer training


Compulsory components of the training: 1. Information on the labour market - "for professionals working with disadvantaged job seekers in the social field "

2. Job search techniques


3. Career guidance training: "Introduction to career guidance for professionals working in the social field, including connecting methodology, as well as approaches to career choice and employment counselling."

4. Psycho-social support and improvement in mental state: "Themes integrated in this module encompass motivation to learn, learning style and habits, meta-cognition and learning strategies."


Training venue

3751 Szendrõlád, Petõfi u. 15



1 September 2008 – 30 November 2008


Indicator for number of participating individuals, as specified in the application: 25

Participating local governments, non-profit organisations, Gypsy Minority Self-Governments and number of participants:


Local Government of Szendrõlád: 6
Bódva Valley Public Women’s Association: 2
North Hungary Regional Urban Development and Minority Protection Association: 2
Roméró Public Benefit Association: 3
Interest Protection Organisation for Gypsies and Disadvantaged Persons Living in the Bódva Valley: 2
Szalonna Sports and Community Development Association (SZAKE): 1
Sólyomtelep Public Benefit Association: 2
Local Organisation of LUNGO Drom in Martonyi: 2
Szikszó Gypsy Minority Self-Government: 2
Ónod Gypsy Minority Self-Government: 2
Szendrõ Gypsy Minority Self-Government: 1