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School Camp in Dombrád for School Study Hall Students

The BHIM RAO Association organised a school camp in Dombrád for 50 School Study Hall students with the help of EU funding granted within the framework of the Human Resource Development Operational Program (HRDOP). These students took part in various recreational programs during the 8-day camp. Beyond having fun, students’ communication skills, dance culture, manual abilities and environmentally aware approach to life developed.  

The children played sports, football and table tennis in particular, every day and also went swimming in the Tisza at the local plage. They were taught how to thread beads and weave baskets in crafts workshops, whilst competitions and contests helped them develop intellectually. They visited the Open-air Museum in Nyíregyháza and the castle in Kisvárda within the framework of cultural excursions, whilst the dance house organised offered students an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with Roma dances.