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Would you help us by offering 1% of your income tax to the Association?

Would you help us by offering 1% of your income tax to the Association?

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Our tax number: 18442142-1-05  

Thank you for your help in advance! 


Changes have been made to legislation regulating the allocation of 1% income tax. The deadline for the submission of the authorisation statement and the mode of submission of statements has been harmonised and a new statement format has also been issued.  

We would like to make it easy for regular and new contributors to gather information, since there always seem to be many errors in offering this 1% income tax, which is why the 1% of your income tax you offer is not always transferred to the beneficiary you have specified, in spite of your intention.

In addition to our website, you can also continuously track changes to these regulations in guidelines provided on the website or by reading full text of the legislation (which can also be downloaded from this site).

The deadline for the submission of authorisation statements has been harmonized, which in all cases is aligned to the deadline for the submission of income tax declarations defined in the Act on Rules of Taxation, which is 20 May in accordance with current legislation in effect. 

Contrary to previous practice, private persons may from now on personally deliver or send the authorisation statement (statements) by mail in a closed postal envelope - with the senders tax identification number marked on it - to the tax office prior to the set deadline (20 May), if the tax payer failed to send this statement together with their tax declaration.

A new mode of statement has also been introduced: it is also possible to make statements together with tax declarations by filling in the sheet provided in the form package (there are separate statements for both types of 1% income tax offers), which the tax office will tear off, so the tax payer does not need to tear it off and place it in an envelope.  

If the employer completes the employee’s tax declaration, the employee must send the authorisation statement to the employer no later than 10 days before the set deadline date (20 May), i.e. up to 10 May by filling in the form provided by the state tax office and placing the statement in a closed envelope indicating the tax identification number of the tax payer and signed by the tax payer along the adhesive strip. 


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