A Bhim Rao Egyesület közösségi oldalakon :

"Youth in Action: Strenghtening the Voice of Roma Youth": Rukelie - The Trollmann story

Romedia Foundation led a summer camp workshop for young Roma from Szendrőlád (a small settlement in North-Western Hungary) in the summer of 2012, as part of the "Youth in Action: Strenghtening the Voice of Roma Youth" project. The summer camp was organized by the Bhim Rao Association. The workshop held by Romedia had as its aim to bring to life different film creations, developed and carried out entirely by the young Roma participants, numbering approximately 30 teenagers.
The first group had as their inspiration the heroic life-story of the young Sinti boxer Johann Trollmann, perished under the rule of Nazi Germany, who, throughout his entire professional life as a boxer, represented the fight against the injustice of racism with the weapons of true talent and strong will.
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